Welcome to CowBoyGeek.com Blog

Here I cover some of the coding I did for my site and try to explain how you may do the same!  I also plan on covering some of the more fun things I do.

Why CowboyGeek?

I spent my younger years dreaming of riding the range.. but lived in an area where there was no range.  Learn from my Dad how to ride and train a horse.  Spending most of my free time trail riding.  I ended up working as a wildland firefighter.  When I got into computers, we had to code anything we wanted to use, like games. In short, I ended up with one foot in the old west, the other in machine code.

Basically, I can tool leather, make saddles, build homes, put out fires, build computers, make maps and write the code to run it all…

About Us

About Us!

This blog is for information about my web sites, CowboyGeek.com Auctions and hand made products!

Our Auction code is based on Zen Cart eCommerce software, we once did the Auction Product Type before we lost control of it. Our current auction mod, Pro-Auction has advance beyond and was once going to be offered. But gee, why give away something for free that no one else has….

Some downloads are free, some or not free, I do support my mods.

Web design is Not Free!