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Smoke House Padlock - M W & Co

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This is a nice relic from the gold rush days! I think collectors call this type of wrought iron lever lock a "smokehouse lock" or "smokie". The M.W. & Co. mark on the brass drop (keyhole cover) is that of Mallory, Wheeler & Company of New Haven, Connecticut. c. 1865-1910, the largest manufacturer of padlocks during that era.

Apx. 3" high by 2 1/8" wide, Iron Case, Iron shackle.

Found in Red Rover Canyon, Acton California. This old lock looks like it was preyed open with the shackle bent off slightly to one side and frozen in time where it laid. found in the late 1990's encrusted in rust and dirt, no longer working to keep valuables safe. One has to wonder what this lock held safe in it days! A door to a mine! Perhaps a strong box full of gold!

It will cost be more to ship this item then it will fetch so placed here in auction to see what interests are out there.

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smokey bear

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