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Check-Out-With-Any-Account -- COWAA 1.0

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Check-Out-With-Any-Account  (COWAA) 

Lets your customer checkout without having to create an account, login to an existing account and adds the ability to create an account during the checkout process on your store by just entering a password. 


COWAA was designed and tested using PHP versions 5.6.x and 7.1 with ZenCart version 1.5.5e only.  Any issues which arise when attempting to use this module with older Zen Cart versions, you well need to modify the code.  Older versions of ZC are not supported.

If you are still running an older version of Zen Cart I would recommend that you upgrade as there have been many security enhancements made.

I strongly recommended you install and test on a none public facing site before going live! Also that you have some skills in coding, this is not a simple drag and drop installation!

Tested with **One-Page Checkout** plugin for Zen Cart version 1.4.0! You need to install this plugin or use the on-board one page if all you plan to use is paypal.

I am a store owner and not a website designer. I am into coding things I can use or think works! I am not into coding for free things I don't need! Coding takes time and I don't have free time.  After all, why run a shop if I didn't need to eat!

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COWAA has three account types:

  • STANDARD - This is the normal account used in Zen Cart and is considdered the full account where billing address and contact info exist.
  • REGISTER - This is like STANDARD, but only email and passwords exist. Account billing and contact is not completed yet.
  • COWOA - As before, this is the none account holder but all account info does exist.

COWAA is EASY to use. This checkout with any account module looks similar to the old COWOA but has much more abilities. This COWAA has 3 different pages involving both checkout and account creation. The differnce here is any account can checkout without logging into there account!

COWOA 15 on/off switches, please read, things have changed!

Go to ADMIN->Configuration->COWOA Configuration. There are 16 configuations that need to be set to True or False..

  • turn on/off COWOA Checkout. This only affects Checkout Without Account side. Does not turn off this mod!
  • Turn on/off Sideboxes During Checkout. same as before.
  • Turn on/off Order Status Function of COWOA. On anyone can check orders, off only COWOA can check orders and account holds have to login
  • Enable one page mod. Use Checkout One Page from lat9. Off well use my version which has not been updated for some time.
  • Enable one page checkout. Not active yet, still in the works. a true one page does it all idea.
  • Enable The Forced Log-off Function of COWOA.
  • Turn on/off Checkout Without Account ONLY. This hides all login, account creation abilities and force all customers to checkout without an account.
  • Turn on/off the ability to checkout with ANY account type. Off and account holders have to login to checkout.
  • Turn on/off shipping drop down. On and a different shipping address can be added during checkout and account creation. A one page for billing/shipping address.
  • Turn on/off the different types of accounts displayed on the login page. Show only registration button, Show only Creation button (old system), Show both buttons.
  • Turn on/off Free/Virtual checkout of COWOA. If on and a free, virtual product is in the cart alone, then checking out only requires name and email address to process the order for any account type.
  • Turn on/off Telephone field all account types!
  • Set the DOB age restriction. Default is 18 years.

That's it you now have Checkout With Any Account Installed..

One thing to note, customers without an account during the checkout address/contact info can add a password to create an account! Password is not required. A blink password makes the checkout the same as any COWOA system. So.. why even use a Create Account button!! Which is why it has a switch.

Three type of accounts are in this version of COWOA as follows:

  1. Full Account Creation ether by the login page button or during checkout by entering a password. This behaves the same as the STANDARD account system of Zen Cart and displayed on the admin customer table as STANDARD.
  2. Register Account Creation by button on the login page. This account type only requires a firstname, email address and password to create an account (Amazon Style). All Account features are available to this user when logged on. During checkout if logged in, they will have to add billing/shipping and contact information if not provided before. If they checkout using COWOA, the information is added to there existing account during that process. Displayed in the admin table as REGISTER until account is completed and changed to STANDARD
  3. Checkout with any account (COWAA) Anyone can checkout without login or having an account! Displayed in the admin table as COWOA.

Using COWOA with other templates or Modules

This version was only created using the responsive classic template that came with Zen Cart 1.5.5e.. My next effert will be to install on a working version of responsive_sheffield_blue_2.0 template. The header file on any template has to be modified for the differnt switches. This is the home|login displayed normally somewhere on the top menu of your site. The idea is that this needs to change depending on the on/off switches in COWOA configation settings.

The HOME|LOGIN|SHOPPING CART|CHECKOUT roll needs to change depending on setting, each template has a differnt location or style of this roll. Far to many for me to code it for you! For the responsive clasic template, this was how I did it.

Keep in mind that this is a responsive template and there are 3 sets you have to edit, I'm just showing the last set here. The default line was:


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