Order Steps Responsive

Order Steps Responsive is a simple modification added to the 4-5 steps of checkout processes in Zen Cart. The idea been around for a while that to help with customers understanding the number of steps they will go through during the checkout. What I did was to use some code to redefine how the steps are presented so they can respond responsively to the user screen size. The responsive design makes use of jQuary UI system. With ZC 1.5.1 through 1.5.4, jQuary is already called for so it’s not added as part of this mod.

The code is not smart and you will need to modify the code if setting up a different order of steps such as when using this mod with COWOA. My version of COWOA will already include this mod.

Images for the steps are size by percentage to stay responsive. If you size any other way, they will not be auto resized as the screen is sized… You can leave the step images off and just use the arrows, options are endless… However, the containers and css is needed to maintain the responsiveness of the layout