Is it really so hard to understand that this can’t be good for business?

Not that hard to understand, too bad you didn’t catch what I was saying,, COWOA has the ability to do a lot of what you was asking for and does.. It can stand alone and turn a standard site into a COWOA only site, do both and demo that it could also allow check out with existing account. However, the changes needed to do this is deep in the core code and would be difficult for some none coders to understand. For that reason, I elected to not continue this conversation in zen forum.

One thing nice about zen, one never HAS to share what they know… no matter how hard one tries, we still don’t have to listen!

I’m also finding it hard to believe that you think your customers are too stupid to use your site! Most issues we see in site use is in the pore designed templates.

my two cents worth….