Write Review Star Using Font Awesome Round 2

I’ve gone down another rabbit hoe with reviews. I’ve looked at some other sites, Amazon used graphs, another had words with the stars as css sprites, another kept you on the product page to add reviews, one had separated the review score from the review comment.. which I thought would be grate if I did books..

So I added graphs, cleaned up the layout, added voting for helpful or not.. added an abuse link which fires up the contact us popup with the subject field in with the review id…

Now the form expends down to allow writing and submitting a review, all while still on the product page… still thinking about separating the review score and comment… folks always have time to click a rating but don’t have allot of time to think out a comment! unless its to say how much you disliked it…

I think I’m on to something better then the standard reviews or not! Look at the shoots, ask.. if I get enough votes, maybe I’ll convert it to a mod… I also had to redo the amin side to make it work there too..

Some screen shoots..

review review2 review3review4

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