Write Review Star Using Font Awesome Round 3

I’ve totally went down a different patch with this one.  The code is fairly simple with only three changes to the reviews and reviews_description tables.  One to add the yes and no voting, the other to add reviews title.  Then it’s just a matter of redesigning the page layout and how the review is displayed and new added.  For me it was simply a desire to keep the user on the product page, the second was to display reviews for only one product at a time and allow adding there own review without leaving that page.

I decided on creating one new page and modifying two existing pages, while not using one other at all.  Basically an overhaul of how reviews logic functions on my site!  I was going to use the side box for this, but ended up not even needing it within the logic of how reviews function.

Some of the logic that went into this design.

Product Page:  Review average rating without links in price, add to cart box.
Reviews Tab:  No existing reviews, just the write review expanding button.  Existing reviews, graph and list of reviews below write review expanding button.
Reviews display 150 characters with a more link that expands to the full text.. doesn’t leave the page!
Reviews have a helpful vote yes or no link.
Reviews have a report abuse link.

 Main Page Product Lists:  Review average rating with link to show all reviews and link to write a review.

Show All Reviews:  Display a graph with small image of product, product name links to product page.  Product price is displayed with a write review expanding button.  Reviews are displayed below same as product page.

Write Review:  Full redesign for this page.

When a user submits a review without any errors, a cookie is set with the product ID, something I do for my site and not normal for ZC sites, which keeps the current browser form submitting another review on that product for 5 days or until they wipe cookies!

I think what I did will work out for me.. I think the idea in this logic would work grate for ZC 1.6 or 2.  Not sure if theres interest in me coding this as an addon.  Which is good.. If you think about it, having something other ZC sites don’t makes your site one step above the others!!

If this is something you would like for your site… ask..

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