COWOA for Zen Cart 1.5.5e

In the works, got basically COWOA working in ZC 1.5.5e and looking good.. this is what the logic does..

  • Register an account using Firstname, Email address, and password — full access to your site. Add billing, shipping address during checkout.
  • Create a full account, setting up full user details, billing address, shipping address now.
  • Checkout Without and Account or full account without login in!
  • Create a full account at the same time as checkout by adding a password or not!

With the ability to create an account during checkout by adding a password, do we really need an account creation button? So many changes to the standard checkout process that downloads no longer work right and that’s where I’m at right now.. I’m learning how downloads function so I can rewrite the code to work with the new account rules. Then I have some new code to add and package it all up for bata testing.

With all the changes, this won’t be an update to any other COWOA but a new version. Basically the same system I currently use on my site.

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