Return Manager for Zen Cart!

I’ve always tried to have some form of a return system. There is something about on line stores that everyone forgets that items may get returned for some reason or another.. I’ve not found a shopping cart program that came with a return system built in.. least not one that’s free and open code!

So, what’s a person to do!

Why create one for starters.. Which is what I did.. the mods all have a RMA numbering system others have order editing made simple, but none went the extra foot to track, edit or do cancel requests.

Return Manager does both cancels if the order is in processing, returns if the order shipped or delivered. Designed to allow order tracking logged in or not so it works with COWAA out of the box.

So go to my github page or more info on my site product page to read more on what this mod does. I’ve not uploaded to ZC yet for I want to think on it some more.. Live on my site but I may add some more to the code yet..

Return Manager was designed forĀ  ZC1.5.5e only with PHP7.1.11

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