Modifying the shopping cart Display

The basic Zen Cart shopping cart is simple, plan and not full of information.  For a on line shopping cart, it fails to give much inspiration to buy!  What it does is just lets your customers know the total amount  items add up to.  If you want to see shipping, theres another button to show, but doesn’t add up the totals!

So.. with ZC, if you think of something, it can be done.

Modifying the shopping cart required more code edits then I first thought and I’m still thinking of simplifying it more than maybe I’ll post the code. What I wanted to do, I seen on other big box stores. The cart showed the total of products, with shipping and tax based on a default zip code. Change the zip to your address and you could see what the shipping/tax for your area would be.

Sounds simple right, know before you add all your personal info and buy it all..

Zen Cart is based on the idea that customers need an account and are logged in to buy. In this day and age, for me I would leave.

I’ve setup my site so customers don’t need an account so why not have a cart to show more!

This turned out better than what I was looking for, not only can they select a location, but the selected shipping continues into the checkout process.

The process of making a better shopping cart..

  1. First, I don’t believe that a responsive design should require massive scripting to detect your device! With css and html I should be able to do it and yes you can. The cart is done in css and html5 only. each container is setup to stack or unstack according to screen size.
  2.  I used Shopping Cart Price Broken Down mod to make sense out of all the attributes in my products.
  3. Totals block I stacked the totals on top, then the estimated shipping form below it.
  4. Added a info box to take up empty space below the items which hides when the screen drops to a stacked view.

I think it came out grate and the estimated shipping is based on true shipping and not estimated at all..

Interested in the code, ask!

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