Product Type Auction

Product Type Auction was a mod that I worked on for some time. I spent a lot of time working on the mod. Coding, testing, and making use of it on my live sites. Then to package it up by reversing what was working for me, then test a fresh install so I could find errors both in the code and installation instructions was a very large task. I was spending to much of my little bit of free time answering questions and trying to fix other folks install errors… then to have script kiddies take it and fix what they thought was spelling errors and give it back without doing any testing… Which created a mass of bug errors. They created more errors then I wanted to fix… so.. off to having more fun coding for myself again.. I even created a bigger, better Auction mod along with a new offer mod… something no other Zen Cart site has…

I almost had a relapse and was thinking about packaging both mods up and try again…. But why!!

This new mod runs on Zen 1.5.4 and has a ton of new features. This is an advance mod requiring some skills to install it right. The old mod was never installed correctly leading to common errors. Look at my sites, sign up here and think about it before you ask, and no, I don’t do freebee’s.

Pro-Auction Mod for ZenCart

You been asking for more of a professional Auction mod for ZenCart! well it’s done up and working on my sites. This has it’s feet in the old Product Type Auction, but due to the amount of code changes and features, it was time to change it’s name too. This mod runs on Zen 1.5.1 and has a ton of new features. It well never be free! This is an advance mod requiring some skills to install it right. The old mod was never installed correctly leading to common errors. Look at my sites, sign up here and think about it before you ask, and no, I don’t do freebee’s.

Current version of Pro Auction v2.5

No Downloads are available for this one at all!

Pro Auction v2.5

Requires Zen Cart Version: v1.5.x

This is not the same as any of the other Zen Cart Auction mod, this is designed and improved code.

Pro Auction v2.5 still works as a product type enabling you to have all the other product types that come with ZenCart. I’ve tried to keep the mod separate from the core ZenCart coding, but for really good site design, good layout and just better all around operations, some files had to be edited. Of course, if all you’re after is a basic, boring, another auction site, then editing core code is not needed. The basic install package comes complete with the basic boring layout as all the others have. What you see here is after all, My Auction Site and is not the same layout in the install mod.

What this mod can do:

  • ending date is based on server or store time fix
  • ending time is based on server or store time fix and can be down to the second
  • set site wide max bid limit
  • set product minimum bid increase (defaults to penny auctions if not set)
  • reserve price or none
  • buy now price or none
  • buy now price, will not show if product reserve is less then active bidding
  • buy now shows if auction closed without a winner
  • attributes work if used for any reason both for buy now and winning bidder.
  • if attributes are used, forces the pay now button to be used so attributes can be selected before adding the product to the cart and checking out
  • if attributes are not used, the product is automatically added to the winners cart
  • attributes can be used for color, size and other free or paid things such as auction fees
  • attributes are setup the same as any other product
  • minimum bid with minimum bid increase is calculated for the customer
  • no more guessing at minimum bid, its displayed and set in the bid box for the customer
  • no more limiting auctions to a Auction Category, can be anywhere, any category, mixed in with none auction products
  • redesign of the class and function code to allow for upcoming auto bidding
  • a smarter installer for sql code for easy installing, knows if your using ZC1.5 or not and installs the menus.

How it works: Once you create a auction product, it will show both for the customer and within the admin Auction Manager. In the Auction Manager you can clear all bids, single bids, reset and start a closed auction and see who won the auction. I strongly suggest installing the email archive manager so you can monitor the auto emails sent by this mod. The other mod’s I use here is the MSRP mod, Time zone fix mod, and Average Product Rating mod.

Auction flow is simple and requires no intervention from admin unless you get a request to cancel a bid from a user. How you decide on your auction rules, may need modification of the basic operations of the mod or the versus defines.

Basic auction rules;

  • must have a starting price
  • (optional) minimum bid
  • (optional) buy-now price
  • (optional) reserve price
  • no minimum bid, bid increase minimum is one cent over last bid (penny auction idea)
  • minimum bid, bid increase by that amount over last bid (dollar auction idea)
  • buy-now is offered until bidding is grater then reserve price
  • closed winning auction is displayed until checked out by winner
  • closed no winner auction is displayed with buy-now or none until removed or restarted my admin


Automated Emails open auction;

  • First bid, no email sent
  • outbid, email sent to low bidder
    Automated Emails closed auction;
  • reserve not reached, no winner, emails sent to all losers
  • high bidder is the winner, email sent to winner, email sent to all losers

Admin Controls Work.

Auction Manager;

  • Basically, a place to Manage and see what’s happening with your auctions, not for creating them.
  • Viewing set prices and current bids.
  • Emailing Auction Bidders.
  • Resetting database settings, such as the closed indicators and removing all past bids for that auction. (You must use edit and change the dates, prices and such before resetting the auction)..
  • deleting a auction or deactivating it.
  • Viewing current high bidder name and bid.
  • search for product, sort by name or by bids
  • Deleting one bid at a time.
    ZenCart Product management;
  • Same control over auctions as any other product
  • create, copy to or from, move, meta tags, and attribute control
  • A Auction Product can be anywhere, any Category, mixed in with any other product type
  • It’s own product layout settings
    Convert Type;
  • Full redesign has given this menu new life
  • convert products to auction or offers if installed, convert auctions or offers, back to products
  • Product type ID and name is displayed so you can see what products are.View Auction Stats;
  • Never could track the amount of page views for Auctions, now you can
  • Auction or Offer stats, can now be viewed or cleared without affecting other products.

User Controls/Product Pages.

Main Product Page;

  • Many options with switches to what’s displayed and when.
  • Now has Watch List button.
  • Can use all and any attribute settings from Zen Cart.
    Current Auction List;
  • Current Auction List is a standalone module that can go anywhere any page.
  • Auction Sidebox can be used or not used.
    User Account Page;
  • This was hard to setup, but now it has allot of possibilities!
  • Auctions customer bid on is listed with the ability to bid, buy now.
  • Watched auctions are listed with the ability to remove them.

I’ve decide not to offer this mod up for free due to the size and complexity of it. I tried the donation thing, that didn’t work so well!