Zen Link Manager

Submitted an update. I had to make allot of changes to the code so that the old method linkListingBox::tableBox() is no longer used. Spent some time trying to get tabular display and Columnar Display to work, but in the end I had to write the code for each instead of using the existing system.

With that, there some new configure settings and many other changes. The code remains independent from any core files so installing is still simply replace all and if you already have 3.6.x installed, don’t upload the auto loader. From the Links page you will see a new button ‘check for updates’ click it and it does a check for updates on ZC, but when it fines that the new init_links_manager is 3.7.0, it will reinstall the updated configures without deleting any existing table entries.

The new Columnar and tabular display is responsive already, but displays just fine in a non-responsive template. The code is running live on my site, but the forms are not the same.. the same code that I submitted is also on my GitHub page and here.