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Got a Map you think we can build? A need for a mobil map or get that GPS track mapped out for your friends!

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Sample Maps

Dove Springs

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We will contact you my email. Please allow some time for us to figure out if we can do the project or not.

Reclusive use requires a fee based on the simple fact that the map will only be sold to you. If not, then all maps created will also be available online for anyone to buy.
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If you have an GPS track of where you gone, then upload the GPX file here! If you created somthing in Google Earth or another program and have an KMZ or KML file, upload it here! You can also upload more then one file by uploading a ZIP file..

Requested Product Type:

This can be a GeoReference image product used in different mobile apps, not working will in Avenza. Smaller file size, degrades at scales grater then its exported scale.

This is a GeoReference image product used in different GIS software that can read GeoTIFF documents. Larger file size, easily scales grater then its exported scale. Works the best for Avenza and other apps using GeoTIFF.

This is a GeoReference product used in different mobile apps such as Avenza. Smaller file size, easily scales grater then its exported scale. Works the best for Avenza and other apps using GeoPDF. Smaller file size grate for producing printed maps.

We will have the map printed and mailed to you once you agree on the cost.

Requested Export File Type:

This file will come as a zip package of 6 files and need to be opened and saved in one location. Using a program like ESRI ArcGIS, AGOL, or QGIS to render the shape file in a map project.

This can be used in most newer modal GPS unit or Mobile Phone map app.

This file type can be used in mobile apps and mostly Google Earth. With KMZ file type, they are package of other KML's. KMZ files can hold tracks and Way Points in them.

Custom Map Request Guide

At a time where the internet is flooded with mobile maps of various types, getting the right one that suits your needs can be quite a daunting task. But, I have a solution to all your problems as we can create the map you need. Here you can request maps of areas you want. We currently have background data for California. We may be able to find data for other areas in the US. We use open source data and programs to keep the cost down and provide a less expensive product. We WILL NOT reproduce or re-create copy righted products or use sensitive data for any product.

Known Area: Include location name, scale, Latitude Longitude or from to location names. This helps to scale the map.

Camping Spot: You may have an area where you love to camp and would like a map of. We need an location to work from so we can scale the map to your needs.

GPS Track: Send us your GPS track data in GPX or KMZ format and how far out side the track you would like to include.

Other Thing: Other map requests that would not need spacial analysis work.

Scale: Standard scale for topographic maps 1:24,000. According to the size of the printed map, the scale may change. If you are using this map live than scale may not be an issue, but if you plan to use the map for land navigating, scale matters. The size of print matters as will. Depending on your needs, we can tile the project across many pages to create a book.

Since we custom make map products using QGIS and Linux, we can design and make things for less costs!

Custom GIS Project Request Guide

Project Requests: Geographical Information System (GIS) work requires more time depending on the type of requests. I may not have the time or the equipment required for the work requested. Please provide as much information as you can about the finished product you are looking for.

Since I am basically retired, I use QGIS which is an open source program on a Linux operating system. For compatibility with ESRI ArcGIS product, I can only provide you with shape files. GeoDatabases may not be compatible. Projects files are not compatible between the two programs.

If you require an ArcGIS product, the cost of that product greatly increases.

Cost Guide

Custom map products require me to use my skills in Cartography and Geographical Information System (GIS). I used ArcGIS at my old job which I retired from. That software requires a 3k license! I use QGIS which is open source software and free. This allows me to greatly reduce my cost to produce maps. With Linux and QGIS, I often have to code or fix things to make QGIS do what I need.

Basically, if I charged what would be a normal fee for GIS work and coding, I would be closer to what other shops charge. But that's not why I'm here.

If you want a simple GPX, location or something that require no analysis, and little time to create. $10 to $64 dollars per hour.

For products such as images, PDF or GeoTiff, $2 to $10 per file for up/down load time.

If you require export of the shape file to another format, $5 per file type.

Printed maps, we use a print service and can run from $20 to $40 per foot.

I have allot of base data and know where I can get more thanks to the work of the USGS. If I have to buy data, that to will increase the cost. However, you are most likely not looking for network analysis for locating the best spot to build a pizza pallor, which we can do! Average map can run from $12 to $30 dollars, but you wont know unless you ask!!

Reclusive use requires a fee based on the simple fact that the map will only be sold to you. If not, then all maps created will also be available online for anyone to buy. Company branding or logo on maps is the same as reclusive use!

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