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Football Field OHV NAIP Image map
Football Field OHV NAIP Image map
Retail Price: $69.99
Our Price: $20.00
You save: $49.99
Football Field OHV Topographic map
Football Field OHV Topographic map
Retail Price: $49.99
Our Price: $10.50
You save: $39.49

HOT Auctions! HOT Auctions!

Chink style Handbag
Chink style Handbag
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About CowboyGeek

About CowboyGeek

I'm Dave, I'm basically not the normal saddler. I've been around horses all my life, training, trail riding so on. I had to make allot of my own gear...


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You must have an account to Bid on Auction items. Beside an easy quick bidding, you can also manage, watch or buy items your interested in right from your personal account page. If you are not going to place bids, you can still shop and buy without an account.

Finding an Item To Bid On

Browse the various categories to find an item to bid on. When you find something that you want, look for the bid box on that item's auction page to place a bid.

Place Your Bid

Once you have found an item you wish to bid on, from the item detail page place your bid.
Your bid: The amount you are willing to pay for the item. At this time we do not provide auto bidding!

After placing your bid, you will receive one of the following confirmation messages on the product page.
   High bid confirmation: If your bid is the highest, you will see You are the current high bidder! This does not mean that you have won the auction, only that your bid is currently the highest bid. To win, the auction must close without any other higher bids.
   Lowbid confirmation: You will see a warning flag indicating that the bid was to low, you most enter the minimum bid at lest.
   Banned button: You may not be allowed to bid if you did not honor your winning bid on previous auctions. Contact us to explain why you think you should continue to place bids. If you fail to honor three winning auctions, you will be fully banned from this site.
   Auction Rules button: You must agree and have read all this information to participate in our auctions. If you don't agree, you cannot bid!

You'll get an email if you have been out bid for a product. And when the auction ends, you'll receive another email indicating whether you've won the product or not. If the product had no winners, it may go up on auction at a latter date.

If we have more then one of a kind, you may pick how many you are interested in. That number of items will be placed into your shopping cart if you win the auction. We also set things up so you can buy more then one if you use the BuyNow button. To be far to others, Auction items can not be added or subtracted once in your cart without being deleted. Once deleted you forfeit the right to the item. Please contact us if you have a problem.

You can only cancel your bid by using a contact from and letting us know so we can adjust the current bid price back to where it was. Do not bid on an item unless you are certain that you can pay for it. False bidding is not fair to others and can get you banned from using this site.

Starting Price

When posting an auction, we set a starting price. This amount is usually low, allowing us to attract bidders who then drive up the price naturally, by placing bids.

Reserve Price

We can choose to set a reserve price which is the lowest price we are willing to accept for the auction item.

The reserve price is higher than the starting price. If the reserve price isn't met by the close of the auction, the item will not be sold. Neither the bidder nor us will be obligated to complete the sale. If an auction has a reserve price that has not yet been met, "Reserve Not Met" will be listed.

We usually specify a reserve price if we're unsure of the real value of an item and we want to reserve the right not to sell if the market value is less than expected.

For example, we may set the reserve price on a vintage Coca-Cola bottle at $50.00 but actually start the auction at $1.00. Any bid under $50.00 will not win the auction.

We normally don't display the reserve price if one is set!

Buy Now

An auction with the Buy Now icon in the title means you can purchase the item immediately for the BuyNow price specified in the listing. To use the BuyNow option, click on the Buy Now icon in the item listing. The Buy Now option remains available in the listing until the item current price exceeds the reserve price.

Quantity and added Attribute

Some Auctions may have more then one of each. When you bid on this type of an auction, you need to say how many you are bidding for. If you WIN the auction, you will WIN that number and need to pay the winning price for each one! The item will automatically be placed into your cart. You can not add more then what you said you are bidding for. Some items may have attributes. Attributes are used when a product may come in different colors or sizes. They can be free or have costs depending on the product. The cost of an attribute is added to the finial cost of the product after the auction has ended or when the 'Buy Now' button is clicked.


You must WIN the auction to get the product! Basically, you have 3 ways to do it.
   Out Bid the Product Reserve!
   Out Bid Anyone else!
   Use the Buy Now button
Bidding on a product, being the only bidder on a product, you Don't automatically get it!

If you think Product Type Auctions was used here, it wasn't. This is the Pro-Auction mod sold on SmokeGranderWebDesign site which is no longer up. Pro-Auction and Pro-Offers are not available anywhere else, if you like what you see, ask! Copyright (C) 2012 Powered by Zen Cart


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