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About CowboyGeek

I'm Dave, I'm basically not the normal saddler. I've been around horses all my life, training, trail riding so on. I had to make allot of my own gear...


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Block Email Manager 1.0

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Item No: BM101
Condition: NEW
PKG: each
Model: BN101

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Tested with Zen Cart Version: 1.3.9h, 1.5.4, 1.5.5b and 1.5.5d using PHP5.6 and PHP7.0
Last Updated: 1/9/2017
Released under the GNU General Public License v3
The license is included with the zip file license-3.txt or you can find the GPL license details at:
I wanted to have the ability to stop unwanted Email spam from non-account users.  I've added means to stop non-human spam, but was still getting non-account users entered spam from human spam bots. I had two options to stop the spam, turn off all forms except  for log on users, or code a block list. I still want good user interaction, didn't  want the spam.
Block Email manager is a basic, no thrills program to place unwanted spammers on  a list. Once on my list, they can no longer sign in if they had an account, or create account, or use any of the forms!  I decided on a text list instead of  a database table so that the list could be offered up to search engines or others  looking for a black list.  That's how I started mine, downloaded a black list.
I also wanted the ability to edit the list right from admin and not have to  hand edit and upload anything.  Although you could if you wanted to. Its just  a simple, one line text file with each address separated by a comma.
Installation of this contribution is done at your own risk.  Backup any and all applicable files before proceeding.  This script is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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Straight forward installation. 

  • Unzip to a temp directory on you local system.
  •  Rename the 'YOUR_ADMIN' folder to the name of your on-line Zen Cart admin folder.  (The files are already arranged and there are *no* overwrites in admin)
  • Rename the 'YOUR_TEMPLATE' folders to the template folder name that you are using.
  • Language file: Your choice on where to save this to, replace the master or your template system.  If you switch templates allot, replace the master. Block Email is designed to work outside the template system so its not stuck in one.
  • Now you can upload all the files in admin to your on-line Zen Cart folder. Upload all the Catalog files only if you haven't made any other changes to them. If you  made other edits, use a compare tool to make the changes.  
  •  Install the files in ether the ZC1.3 or ZC1.5 folder according to which  version of Zen Cart you have installed! The files in these folders only work with that version of Zen Cart, so don't max and match...
  • The working edits are in the /modules/pages/PAGE_FOLDER/header_php.php file  which makes use of the existing email check system.

     if (($zc_validate_email == TRUE) && (BLOCK_EMAIL_STATUS == 'true')) {
     $zc_validate_email = zc_validate_blockemail($email_address);
     $email_address$zc_validate_email == false) ? BLOCKEMAIL_ERROR : $email_address;
  •  Login to your Zen Cart admin. The admin function will add the admin page to the TOOLS menu.  Also the configure keys.  For ZC1.3.9, The box file will be the admin page in the TOOLS menu.
  • This mod comes with a large list of known spammers. Check the list over to make sure you have no current users with same email address as whats   on the list, or they won't be able to log on to their account any longer.
  • I use other forms that are not restricted to account holders such as 'ask_a_question',  'links_submit', 'tell_a_friend', 'testimonials_add' and 'register_account'.   I added their modified files as will, use what you have, don't upload what you don't have.

Straight forward. Click the remove button! reverse the installation steps!
The configure keys will be removed and installer deleted.
For ZC 1.5.x, the admin menus will also be removed.
You will need to remove and replace all edited files yourself.


How it works:

Admin Block Email Manager:
I created the manager so I could add, delete, and test email addresses without  leaving the admin area.
I also didn't want to edit a file to add a email  address or domain.
I wanted to test a address to see if I have it in the list without reading  the list every time.
I also wanted the ability to delete a address out of the list so I could allow a user access once again.


You should back up the banned_email.txt banned_domain.txt files before making changes to it. Use the handy Backup button to backup both files into the backup folder in admin.  The admin page is fully responsive based on the home page..


Why a black list?
I was tired of some folks thinking that I needed them to test my site and was getting human spam!! Now they get to be listed too.


What's Next:
Enjoy the blocker...  


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