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Return Manager 1.0.5

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It's difficult to run a store efficiently without a mechanism for accepting, tracking, and processing returns.

Return Manager 1.0.5 Is a return or cancellation management system for Zen Cart to allow your customers or admin to ether cancel or return an individual item from orders.

Return Manager 1.0.5 was designed and tested with Zen Cart 1.5.6 and Zen Cart 1.5.5f only at this time. It should still work for 1.5.5 and up.


Return Manager three basic ideas:


  • Customer Cancel ordered items - Store side login not required. Customer enters order number and email address for this order. If items have an order status below SHIPPED, then Cancellation is offered per-item!
  • Customer Return ordered items - Store side login not required. Customer enters order number and email address for this order. If items have an order status as SHIPPED or DELIVERED and within your return set days, then Return is offered per-item! An RMA number is issued for returns.
  • Admin Return/Cancel - Button in orders will allow admin to create an return or cancel for any item within this order.

Return Manager is based on simple rules, make it as easy as possible for customers or me to return/cancel items on a order! I didn't want to disturbed the order recored. Other programs work grate for that like Edit Orders. I wanted something that I could use along with existing mods so I'm not going to reproduce what's already done will.

Return or Cancellations rules! Your store, your rules.. If you do a search about returns you well find some interesting outlooks as to what works and what doesn't work. I tend to believe, the longer your return period, the better things work out. Some things just can't be returned like digital downloads. However, you can see if the item was downloaded or not and decide on refunds.. Order Status also plays into COWAA for digital downloads.

What better spot for product reviews or testimonial links then the order status page!!

Updated to v1.0.5

  • Fixed. v1.0.5 -- Country/State drop down. PHP 7.2 ready and ZC1.5.6 ready.
  • Fixed. v1.0.1 -- Now it responds as other login require pages and redirects to the login page. Login box removed from Order Status page, duplicate.
  • Fixed. v1.0.1 -- Removed quick text that never was moved to language defines where spell-check occurs. Defines updated, language updated to match current code changes.
  • Fixed. v1.0.1 -- Removed missed placed closing DIV tag on the Order Table section.
  • Fixed. v1.0.1 -- Save totals now saves all edited and estimated total to the database for retrieval next time the return is viewed or edited. Minimum in pack to the existing data table by use of an array instead of individual fields.
  • New. v1.0.1 -- Added switch in return configure to turn off cancels.
  • New. v1.0.1 -- Add the ability to send update or new email to customer and admin from the Return Manager page!

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Zen Cart the art of e-commerce

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eStart Your Web Store with Zen Cart(R)