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About CowboyGeek

I'm Dave, I'm basically not the normal saddler. I've been around horses all my life, training, trail riding so on. I had to make allot of my own gear...


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Long Chinks Belt Style

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Item No: CHP001
Condition: NEW
PKG: each
Model: CHP001
Shipping Weight: 4lbs

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Long chinks are chinks that extend past the knee or bend at the knee but not so long that they require below knee strap to hold them down.  This type of chink also looks good for bronc or bull riding where you wish not to interfere with sprung or scoring rides.

What's different about this design is the use of a built in belt across the back and sides.  This belt is used to hold versus things like knifes, holsters and such used for trail riding or working chaps. This design was to limit the the number of belts one wore during a long ride.  Years of riding long hours in the out doors sooner or later you just had to stop and re-leave yourself.  Getting at your zipper or getting your pants down was a chore due to all the belts you had on..

With the belt built in, there only one strap and taking off your chinks is all you need do..

Old days they would saw in a gun shaped pocket into the chap leather to hold your gun.. never fit right and would flop around when you had to ride hard.

Made with 03-04 oz Elk with 05-06 oz cowhide yokes and shields. This tough leather is supper soft and flexible. I made this for myself and testing design concept.

Holster, gun, and knife not included for display only.

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